Squats. Week 3 Cycle 10

Depth wasn't that great. Lady in the background was not impressed.
Today marks the beginning of the end of cycle 10. Last squat workout was some garbage, if you recall, where I only managed to hit the prescribed reps on the 3+ day, squatting 430lbs x 3. Today's weight called for 455 on the final set and I hoped to improve over last cycle's 450x3 by hitting 3 reps again today (and at the same time prove that last week's workout was just a bad day). I did just that. My depth has kind of been shallow, though, so I may still deload to work on getting lower -- I feel like my lack of core strength is holding me back in the hole. I'm hoping all the front squats I've been doing will help with the core weakness.

Goals for today:




Assistance work:
  • 6 sets of paused front squats @ 225x2, with  one @ 315. Supersetted with...
  • 6 sets of weighted chins with +90lbs @ 3-4 reps per set. 

Week 3 squats over last 10 cycles:

cycle 1: 345x4
cycle 2: 355x5
cycle 3: 365x6
cycle 4: 370x6 
cycle 5: 380x7
cycle6: 390x6
cycle7: 400x7 
cycle8: Smolov & new max #'s


Video of workout:

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