Bench. Week 2 Cycle 9.


Yeah, I front squatted today. After yesterday's terrible sessions I felt like I needed to go in today and turn things around. I got some good rest, ate some good food and felt great going in to the gym this morning. As normal, I started by just hitting the prescribed reps for bench and doing some easy heavier singles. For assistance work I felt especially strong and upped my reps doing: 100x3, 110x3, 120x5, 110x3, 100x11 for dumbbell bench. I then decided I'd try some front squats since I failed to even move 315 yesterday, which up until then had always been fairly easy. Once I got 315 I figured I'd put the cherry on top and do 320lbs, a PR. Afterwards I played with my grip on flat bench and made some adjustments (narrower grip, feet flat raised up on some plates) that I think will be helping me in the future. 

Also, seeing as I felt so good today, I'll see how next week goes and see if I actually need to deload on squats. 

Goals for today:

260x3 (this weight used to be my max. easy.)


260x3 (260x1 used to be my all-time max and back in week 1 cycle 1 I only managed 220x2. Progress.)
275x1 (submax single)
280x1 (submax single)

Video of front squat below:

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