Deadlifts. Week 1 Cycle 10 | Bench 1 week cycle 9

Today was ridiculous. I should have stayed home and just soaked in a bubble bath all day. Yesterday my legs and back were still sore to the touch, so I don't know why I thought I'd be ready to lift today. Anyway, I got to the gym and went nuts on some deadlifts. After warming up with the bar and 135 my back clamped up. I should have gone home at that point, but I'm dumb; instead I just lied down between sets and stretched until I was loose enough to get into position to start the deadlift. Today's final set called for 435lbs. Last time in week 1, I just hit prescribed reps at 425. But since I got 475 x 6 last cycle, I knew that I should be able to get at least ten today (1 rep for every 10lbs taken off the bar), and so I wanted 11 in order to show improvement over last cycle. I  really had to fight for it, and I've never struggled for a lockout like I did on that 11th rep.

Acessory work: 4 sets of 3 reps of weighted chins(+95lbs). Entire body fried. Just went home after this.

Nothing to report on bench: just did prescribed reps with final set at 245x5. Easy.

Goals for today:




Improvement in week 1 over last ten cycles:

  • Cycle 1: 355x13
  • Cycle 2: 365x12
  • Cycle 3 :370x14
  • Cycle 4: 380x15
  • Cycle 5: 385x15
  • Cycle 6: 395x15 
  • Cycle 7: 400x17
  • Cycle 8: 405x15 (out of town)
  • Cycle 9: 425x5 (just hitting prescribed reps) (also change in form to deadstop all previous weeks were touch-and-go)
  • Cycle 10: 435 x 11

Video of final set below

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