Final goal for the year completed. 300lb bench.

So today was week 3 day 2 of smolov and normally I wouldn't have mentioned anything about this workout (385x7 for 5 sets on squats and 240x5 for 7 sets on bench), but I was feeling pretty strong and decided to try some singles at the end of my bench sets (done after squats). 275 and 295 both went up fast so I figured I'd try for 300. It was slow, but I got it! Can't wait to see what I can do when Smolov is over and I'm fresh.

Anyway, I have officially reached all three of my goals for the year and it feels great. Also, I got an email letting me know I am fully funded for graduate school!  I'll be back with more content when I test my maxes for my final blog post. It's almost over, damn.

Video of 300 below.


  1. Damn man...congratulations! It's been a great journey to follow you on.

  2. Congratulations! Really enjoyed following along.

  3. Black socks kill the mood of achievement.