Deadlifts. Week 3 Cycle 10

Had more in me, but plates started to jump ship.  Bringing tape next time.
I spent all week being excited for today since I'd finally get to try my hand and deadlifting 500 for reps. My goal was at least 4, and that's what I got -- I had at least one or two left in me, but after the 4th rep plates started to fall off the left side. I'll try again next month.

After the final working set I did more deficit pulls with the hook grip, this time going up to 500lbs. I then did some front squats supersetted with the abwheel to work my core. I'm ordering some straps so that in the future I can work in some rack pulls as well since my lockout is clearly a weak point. 

Goals for today:



500x4 (set cut short due to equipment malfunction)

Week 3 Progress over last 10 cycles: 

Cycle 1 Versus Cycle 10, first pulls of final set:

Video of workout:


  1. cool... I eat nubs like you for breakfast.

  2. I'm sorry, for humanity, that the only response to your achievement is a troll. I started working out a few months ago, and have been having problems making gains this week, and was a little sad about it. Seeing work like this is really encouraging to me to keep getting out to the gym consistently and lift heavy things.