Deadlifts. Week 2 Cycle 10

Tried some new assistance work: double over hand deficit deadlifts.

Today called for 465x3, but because of the size of the plates I dont think that combination would have fit on the bar along with the collars, so I upped the weight to 475lbs. I'm also thinking ahead to next week where I'd like to pull 500 for reps -- I'm thinking the heavier weight this week might better prepare me. Anyway, last cycle I pulled 475x6, so I wanted 7 reps today to best that workout. I got the 7, but I think I had some unintentional bounce on reps 3 and 4 (although, watching the vid in slow-mow, it does come to a stop), so it's a bit difficult to compare the two workouts, which is frustrating. What I can say for sure, though, when comparing the two videos, 475 moved much faster for those initial reps than they did last cycle...so I got that goin' for me.

Afterwards I felt like trying something new, so I did some deficit deadlifts with a hooked grip. I've not tried either deficits or hook grip before, but I liked them. Hopefully these will help me be more explosive off the ground (and to carry that momentum through to help me with my crappy lockout).

Goals for today:




Week 2 progress over the last 10 cycles, now with links to previous workouts:

Cycle 1 Week 2: 375x11
Cycle 2 Week 2: 385x11
Cycle 3 Week 2: 395x12
Cycle 4 Week 2: 400x13
Cycle 5 Week 2: 410x13
Cycle 6 Week 2: 415x13
Cycle 7 Week 2: 425x13 
Cycle 8: NA
Cycle 9: Week 2: 455x7 (dead stop from here on out)
Cycle 10: Week 2: 475x7

Video of final set plus deficit deadlifts:

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