Upcoming for cycle 11.

Next cycle I'd like to address the following things:

  • I'm deloading squats to try and do 10+ reps in week 1, 8+ reps in week 2 and 6+ reps in week 3 as those were the rep ranges in which I was gaining strength for the first 7 cycles. I'll also be trying to get a bit deeper. 
  • I'm deloading OHP back to cycle 1 (I've only done two cycles so far) and I'll be doing all reps as dead stop reps w/o leg drive. Doing this will make it easier to gauge progress without leg drive/bounce muddling things. 
  • I'm going to just keep hitting the prescribed reps on bench while working in some sub max singles and pushing my assistance work. By cycle 12 I should hopefully be able to hit my final goal for the year of a 300lb bench
  • As for deadlifts, since I can't fit anything over 500lbs on the bar, I'm going to just keep working with what I've got and try and increase my reps with 500lbs until I move and change gyms. 

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