Tuesday - Squats. Week #3 Cycle #3

Shitty depth. Still parallel, but week 3 set last month was much lower.  Fix that  next time.
Why didn't I go for one more rep? I re-racked the weight and immediately regretted it. Anyway, today marks the end of cycle #3 and despite today's lack of effort, I've improved from the beginning of the program, in which I squatted 310x6, to today's 365x6. Week #3 efforts have improved form 345x4 -->355x5 -->365x6. Still, today's lift could have been better both in terms of effort, and form. I didn't think wearing a raised heel would make so much of a difference, but it threw me off; I felt really uncomfortable being forced onto my toes like that. Next time I'll be sure to wear the vans.

For assistance work I did doubles of heavy front squats (225lbs is pretty heavy for me) for 5 sets and a few sets of muscle ups. No reasoning behind the muscle ups, I just wanted to see if I'd be able to do them any better than when I had tried them before beginning the program. In the past I was able to do a difficult set of 5. Today I knocked that out with ease!




Video of muscle up test below:

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