Week 1 Cycle 2 | Overhead Press

Today's workout ends week 1 of cycle 2 for overhead press (and week 1 of cycle 10 for squats and deadlifts). Last cycle in week 1 I lifted 160x7. Today's final weight was 165lbs and I wanted 7 reps again. I got them with no drama and one left in the tank.

Goals for today:




After the final working set, I did 3 more sets at 165lbs for 3 reps each set, each rep paused at the bottom. Following this I did 5 sets of 135lbs for 5 reps, again with each rep paused at the bottom. These were supersetted with weighted chins (+95lbs for 3 reps each set).

I blew it on recording today (camera fell over), so I decided I'd just do something different and post a progress picture. Here is my back from when I started way back in cycle 1, 10 months ago, compared to my back now. The second picture lacks the muscle-defining overhead lighting, but I think you can still see a difference. 

Squat in cycle 1: 310x6. Squat in Cycle 10: 410x8

Video of assitance set below:

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