Squats. Week 1 Cycle 10.

Okay, first day back after taking a full week off from lifting. Unfortunately, being out of town messed with my sleep and diet, so this wasn't exactly the best deload week; I came back pretty tired from my morning flight and   was also about 4 lbs underweight.

Anyway, I was happy to be back in the gym. I added 5lbs to my working weights over the last cycle, which put me at 410lbs for my final set today. Last cycle in week1 I managed 405 x8. No rocket science here, I wanted 8 reps again today. However, I felt like absolute doodoo, and I considered just hitting the prescribed reps, but when I  got to 5, I figured I'd keep going. I should mention that  today was the first time I've tried a preworkout stim (jacked3d). I normally don't even drink caffeine. This made me feel so light headed  and nauseus I really almost passed out a couple times, making the valsalva maneuver pretty impossible. I'll keep trying it for a bit and see if I can get used to it, since I  hear such good things.

Also, I put my camera backwards like a moron and filmed the ground, so I don't know if my reps were high or legit (they did feel high). Okay, enough crying. It's good to be back.

In other news, I was accepted into graduate school. Go me.

Goals for today:

365x5 (I was all up on my toes and shit, real ugly warm ups)



Week 1 Progress over the last 10 cycles:

  • 310x6 - cycle 1 
  • 315x7- cycle 2 
  • 325x10 - cycle 3 
  • 335x8 - cycle 4
  • 340x10 - cycle 5 
  • 350x10 - cycle 6
  • 355x10 - cycle 7
  • 365x10 - cycle 8
  • 405x8 - cycle 9
  • 410x8- cycle 10 (100lbs and 2reps added since  cycle 1. whatwhat)

Assistance work:

Did about 12 sets of bodyweight chins for5-10 reps. Just greasing the groove. These were done between front s quat doubles at 275lbs (5 sets).

Since I messed up filming, here was a 410lb 'paused' squat after my final working set:

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  1. Congratulations about being accepted into grad school.

    Also your progress in this blog is what gives me confidence to stay with 5/3/1.