Sunday - Squats. Week 3 Cycle 5

Dear diary, today I was a big mental train wreck. Just kidding. But I really wasn't feeling too confident going in to today's workout (do I say this every day? Sorry.). Once again my warm-ups were burying me. Why does 225lbs sometimes feel like 500? Anyway, I got the adrenaline going and I stepped up to the bar for my final set -- my body was tingling, and the bar felt light.

This time last month I lifted 370x6 so, no rocket science needed, today I wanted 380x6. I got to six and knew I had at least one more in me and put that extra cherry on top: 380 x 7.

Week 3 squats for 5 cycles thus far have been:

cycle 1: 345x4
cycle 2: 355x5
cycle 3: 365x6
cycle 4: 370x6 
cycle 5: 380x7

My weight, depth, and reps have all improved. Awesome. This marks the end of Cycle 5, as well. Almost half way done with the year! I'm also really looking forward to this deload week; I'm a little under the weather and need the rest. 

Goals for today:



Assistance work: 5 sets of front squats at 225 for triples.  My back was toasted after the back squats. 

(Kind of a useless) Video of final set below:

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