Squats. Week 3 Cycle 7.

Squats still ugly as sin, but progressing nonetheless.

Momentous day for me. Today marks the end of cycle 7 and I knew I had the chance to make it special (you'll see why below). Despite only a few hours of sleep, my warm-ups felt great, my first two working sets felt great, and I didn't have the usual feeling of dread when getting under the bar. I was excited. I nailed the final set and now my squat matches what my deadlift was when I started 5/3/1: 400 x 7. Holler. Another way to put this into perspective is that a year ago, almost to the day, I did my first powerlifting competition in which my final squat was 390lbs. This is progress.

Week 3 squat progress of 7 cycles thus far has been:

cycle 1: 345x4
cycle 2: 355x5
cycle 3: 365x6
cycle 4: 370x6
cycle 5: 380x7
cycle6: 390x6
cycle7: 400x7

Goals for today:




Assistance work:
  • 5 sets of front squats: 3 reps at 225lbs
  • 5 sets of muscle ups: 3,3,3,4,3 reps. No chalk, this felt dangerous w/o chalk, so I kept the reps to a minimum.

Video of final set below:

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