Deadlifts. Week 2 Cycle 9

So last deadlift workout I decided I would just do the prescribed reps since it had been over a month since I deadlifted last and also because I was starting to work dead-stop deads instead of touch-and-go.Anyway,  today I decided to try for more than the prescribed reps (3+ day) and I picked 7 as the number I wanted to hit -- that's exactly what I got. I may have had one or two left in me, but I am trying to be good about leaving one or two in the tank.

Goals for today:



515x1 (testing another submaximal single, last one for a while. This was very easy, too)

Assistance work:

6 sets of front squats @ 275x1 supersetted with weighted chinups for three reps at 90lbs.

Week 2 progress over the last 9 cycles:

Cycle 1 Week 2: 375x11
Cycle 2 Week 2: 385x11
Cycle 3 Week 2: 395x12
Cycle 4 Week 2: 400x13
Cycle 5 Week 2: 410x13
Cycle 6 Week 2: 415x13
Cycle 7 Week 2: 425x13 (+50lbs and +2 reps)
Cycle 8: NA
Cycle 9 Week 2: 455x7 (dead stop)

Video of final set below:

Video of 515x1

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