Wednesday - Deadlifts. Week 3 Cycle 5

Turns out I am the chosen one.
Kind of a weird workout today.  My warm-ups were slow and weak and on my 1st working set of 340x5 my grip nearly failed. This had me psyched out. By the time I got to my final set of 430lbs all my expectations of coming in and knocking out 10 reps (as I've been doing for the past 4 cycles on week 3) went out the window. Really not wanting to go home disappointed, I took a minute and visualized the lift. I had to visualize it twice though, because my first time through I failed at rep 3 -- whoops, talk about no confidence. Anyway, I finally saw the reps in my head, and started my pull. After I pulled that first rep off the floor, I knew I had it. And when I got to 10, I felt like putting a cherry on top and did one more. Visualization...who knew.... Anyway, looking back at the set I did last month of 425x10, not only was today's heavier with one extra rep, it was much faster as well.

Week 3 deadlifts through the first five cycles have been:
  • Cycle 1: 400x7
  • Cycle 2: 405x10
  • Cycle 3: 415x10
  • Cycle 4: 425x10
  • Cycle 5: 430x11 (just for comparison: on 5.7.11 I did 375x11 for a week 2 final set).

Assistance work also improved. I added 5 more reps to my weighted, wide-grip pull-ups, doing 5 sets of 6 with +45lbs. Video of set one below. I did 5 sets of the ab-wheel in between the sets of pull-ups. My goal with the weighted pull-ups is to work my way up to 5 sets of 10 with +45lbs, so I'll be trying for 5 sets of  7 next cycle.

Goals for today:




Video of final set below:


  1. That's an excellent set. This program really starts to snowball after a while, where everything just kicks in. There was a karate master, Mas Oyama I believe, who once said that "karate is 10% physical, and 90% mental". I think that the same can be said of weight lifting. Seeing the weight move in your mind before even handling it does make a huge difference in execution of the lift.