Deadlifts. Week 3 Cycle 7.

I lift in a bar from the 80s.

Grip failed me today. It failed on my First set of 355 (pre-chalk) and on my last set of 455lbs. Anyway, Today's final set called for 450lbs, which marks the +50lbs on weight added to deadlifts since I started 5/3/1. Unfortunately, my gym has these comically large clown plates that take up too much room on the bar so I couldn't actually fit all the little plates it takes to get to 450lbs and I had to go up to 455. Also, I blew it with the recording again today since I got chalk all over the lens. Speaking of chalk, I was told (after 6 months of lifting at this gym) that I'm not allowed to use it anymore. Time to quit my membership there.

Assistance work:

  • 5 sets of weighted (+45lbs) wide grip pull-ups: 6, 6, 6, 6, 5 reps
  • 5 sets of ab-wheel. 

Goals for today:




Progress on week 3 deadlifts after 7 cycles thus far has been:

  • Cycle 1: 400x7
  • Cycle 2: 405x10
  • Cycle 3: 415x10
  • Cycle 4: 425x10
  • Cycle 5: 430x11
  • Cycle 6: 440x10 
  • Cycle 7: 455x10

Video of final set below:

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