Tuesday - Deadlifts. Workout #2 Cycle #3 | Hill Sprints #17

1st rep. Not too confident at this point. 
The deadlifts continue to improve. At the start of the program (cycle #1, workout #2) I did 375x11. During the second cycle of the following month, I improved to 385x11. Today, cycle #3, I managed 395x12. I was pretty certain during the warm up sets that I would have a poor session since set #2 at 350lbs felt difficult and I was stiff. I have been spending most of my days sitting and studying so I think that is part of the problem. Anyway, I knew I wanted to get 12 reps when I came in and around rep 3 I think I felt like I could do it.





I switched up the assistance work a bit and did 5 sets of 5 deadlifts at 255lbs (not touch and go and double overhand grip). They were pretty easy. I want to try and work up to 5 sets of 10. I continued to work with the ab wheel. 

Video of final set below:

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