Sunday - Squats. Workout #2 Cycle #3

Not comfortable.

Squats for week #2 workouts have gone, thus far: 330lbx4 in cycle #1 to 335lbx5 in cycle #2. Today called for 345lbs on my final set and I had in mind to get at least 6 reps seeing as I did 355lb for 5 in week #3 of the last cycle. I picked 8 reps as the ultimate goal, but this turned out to be a little ambitious and I ended up getting 7 reps. Still, this is good improvement: 330x4-->335x5-->345x7.  On these heavier weight, higher rep sets, I think the inflexibility in my hips and hamstrings are really starting to hinder me. My back is giving out way before my legs are. Although before beginning 5/3/1 I never did more than 1 rep or 2 reps over 300lbs, so maybe I'm just not used to it yet. On a related note, I need to warm up more. My legs are feeling like lead before I begin my working sets. Anyway, I really have no idea what I'm talking about.





For assistance work I only did  front squats, 5 sets (3 sets of 135 for 7, 2 sets of 225x3). Doing back squats has made my back tighten up the past couple of squat workouts. Again, due to my tight hamstrings and hips, I think. Stretched and foam rolled afterwards, as usual.

Video of final set below:


  1. First off, kudos on your blog and your 531 progress. Great work, man!

    Regarding hip tightness and rigidity, you may wanna check out Jim's suggestions for some dynamic stretching/warm-up movements: http://is.gd/vOCBFs

    I've started using more dynamic stretches for lower and upper body and feel a discernible difference.

    Take care -


  2. Hey Derek,

    Thank's very much for the link, I'll be incorporating some pre-workout stretches now, for sure.

    Also, it pleases me to see your blog. I'll be checking in!