Deadlift. Week 2 Cycle 6

bloodied shins and double chins.
Another good workout today. This time last month I lifted 410lbs x 13.Today called for 415 and again I hit 13 reps with maybe one or two left in the tank. I tried doing that little bar roll that I see so many people do before their deadlift, but I didn't really like it; I wasn't as tight to start the rep as I normally would've been. Anyway, assistance work improved as well and I hit 4 more reps than last week on weighted wide-grip pullups for five sets of: 7, 7, 7, 7, 6 (with sets of the abwheel in between as usual). Ultimate goal is to do five sets of 10, but this will take a few more cycles to reach.

Wee 2 progress for 6 cycles has thus far been:

  • Cycle 1 Week 2: 375x11 
  • Cycle 2 Week 2: 385x11
  • Cycle 3 Week 2: 395x12
  • Cycle 4 Week 2: 400x13
  • Cycle 5 Week 2: 410x13 
  • Cycle 6 Week 2: 415x13

Goals for today:




Video of final set below:

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