Bench. Week 1 Cycle 6

Today marks the last time I bench anything under two plates (unless I have to deload, of course)!

 Last month in week 1 cycle 5 I got 215x12. So, today, obviously, I wanted 12 again, but needed 11 (since I lifted 225x10 prior to this). I got the 11 and that was that --  I didn't have anything left to grind out another rep. I'm not too disappointed, though, since today's lift was better than the last two bench workouts which were regressions, not progressions. 220 x 11 puts me back in the right direction. I'm going to see how the next two bench workouts go: if they are piss poor, I'm going to tinker with some different options (decrease assistance work/only hit prescribed reps for a cycle, etc...). Looking at the big picture, though, my bench is still light years ahead of where it was, if you recall this shameful performance back in cycle 1: 220x2.

Also, assistance work nearly killed me today and it made me fairly nauseous. But it still improved!

  • Dumbell flat bench with the 70lb db's for 5 sets of 15 reps. one rep better than last time. 
  • No change with the db rows: 5 sets of 10 reps with 100lb db's. Still working on grip.  

Goals for today:




Video of final set below:

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  1. Nice work! Also, good to see that you have a spotter who stayed out of the way until needed!