Clean & Jerk. Week 1 Cycle 6 | Hill Sprints #33

Thumbs up, brah.
Cycle 6 has begun and I'm officially at the half way point of my year on 5/3/1. This last deload week served me well as I don't think I have ever come back this strong.

Today called for 195lbs on the final set and this used to be my week 3 weight back in cycle number 1! Anyway, the most I've done with 195lbs prior to this was 7 reps, and last month I did 190 for 10, so I knew I wanted somewhere between 8-10 reps today. Not only did I get 10 reps, but these reps were completed about 20 seconds faster than last month's and I still had at least 2 left in the tank.

Assistance work also improved, but I really had to work for it:

  • I upped the weight on dips from 45lbs to 70lbs. I did my first set of 10, however, with the +45 , then the remaining 4 sets of 10 with +70lbs.
  •  I also got all 50 reps of weighted chins for the first time, but that 50th rep was a grinder. 

Goals for today:




Video of final set below:

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  1. You must scare the living hell out of all the other guys in the gym!!!!!!!