Squats - Week 1 Cycle 6 | Hill Sprints #35

New angle so you can see how ugly my squats are. 
I don't think I'll ever be a pretty squatter; I can do one or two okay reps and then it gets pretty ugly. But as long as I'm hitting parallel, I'm okay with it for now. I also know that if I were using the weight that I started with six months ago, all my reps would be pretty! Also, looking at the picture above, I'm not sure sure I'm actually doing a low-bar squat. Anyway, last month I squatted 340lbs for 10 reps and so today I wanted 350lbs for the same. Also, in a previous cycle, 350lbs was my week 2 working weight and I did 8 reps, so I knew that today 9 was the minimum. I was feeling good and I got the 10 reps today (looking back at last month's video, today's reps were a lot faster as well, although I'm not sure about my depth =/).

Week 1 progress in 6 cycles thus far:
  • 310x6 - cycle 1 
  • 315x7- cycle 2 
  • 325x10 - cycle 3 
  • 335x8 - cycle 4
  • 340x10 - cycle 5 
  • 350x10 - cycle 6

Just thinking about the near future a little bit, I think cycle 7 (in which I finally start to hit some weight that I'm excited about) will be the last cycle I go for max reps on. I am thinking that cycle 8 I'll just hit the prescribed reps, work on form, and generally let my body recover a little bit (7 months of rep pr's may be taking its toll on me, I'm not sure yet).  But who knows, I'm just thinking out loud .

Goals for today:




Video of final set below:


  1. It's hard to tell from the angle on the vid if the bar is in low-bar position or not. But it looks kinda high.

    Chest falls down quite soon though and you might want to yell at yourself "CHEST UP! CHEST UP!" during the reps :)

  2. I know, I know =/ I'm just weak, brah!