Friday - Squats. Week 2 Cycle 5

Trying something new.
Well, today I was supposed to take the GRE's, but unfortunately the testing center is underwater so it's been postponed 'til the 20th. A little disappointing, but at least I got to rock some squats instead. This time last month I did 350x8, and today called for a ten pound increase of 360lbs. Not much planning to be done here, I wanted 8 reps again.

Goals for today:




The set was pretty difficult, and it was a little slower than last month's (on the final three reps), but I'm happy with how my depth has been improving. I think my form is getting better as well. My upper back/core is definitely what's giving out before anything else; my legs had one or two more reps left, but not my back. This has been the case pretty much every squat week.

Week 2 improvements thus far: 330x4-->335x5-->345x7-->350x8-->360x8

360lb x 8:

A little something extra and special today: For assistance work I usually do a bunch of triples and doubles of fronts squats at 225lbs. I got a little carried away today and kept adding weight and said, 'what the hell' and put on 300lbs. The last time I tried a 300 lb front squat (before beginning 5/3/1) I literally fell over in the hole into some guy's crotch. Today wasn't pretty, and my core weakness really shows, but it was a hell of a lot better than falling on my ass. 

300 lb front squat:


  1. good work/progress...im jealous i been stuck for a while...gettin older sux.

  2. Thanks! Stuck? Do you follow a program?