Friday - Bench Press. Workout #3 Cycle #2

Today was my first workout in the new gym. At my old gym, I was usually the only male (the other members being old ladies). Now I am surrounded by juicers and bros. I haven't seen so many partial reps and isolated movements since college. I did not feel comfortable filming today, but I will next time, for sure. My new gym also has a proper olympic lifting platform which is awesome and which I am almost certain nobody there uses.

Goals for today:




The weight felt super light. I don't think they use real 45 bars at this gym. Still, this workout was far better than the one last month where I only managed two reps at 220. I felt like I should have been able to do more, though I think I was in an awkward position during the lift which cut my set short. And I still suck at bench.

I upped the weight on the assistance work as well:
80lb dbs for the rows (5 sets of 10 reps) up from the 75s. 80s were still easy.
65 dbs for the db press, up from the 60s. I failed to get the last 3 reps of the 75 total and the first set of 15 reps was still at 60lbs.

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