Squats. Week 2 Cycle 7 | Hill Sprints # 42

Wanted to get at least something worthwhile on camera.
Also, my hair is gone
Today was good. Squats called for a final weight of 375lbs. Last month was 370 x 8, so again I wanted 8 reps today. Unfortunately, I forgot to wear my converse (flat soled shoes) and my first two sets felt terrible, so I went barefoot for my final set. It felt a little awkward at first, especially with sweaty feet, but after the second rep it felt awesome. I got the 8 reps with at least one or two left in the tank. I will be going barefoot again in the future, for sure.

Unfortunately I continue to suck at recording my lifts and only managed to get the weights in frame. Because of this recording failure I decided to go 'heavy' on my front squats to at least get something on camera. Last time I went heavy on front squats I put up 300lbs, so I figured I'd try for 3 plates today. It went up ugly, but felt easy.

Goals for today:




Week 2 progress on squats for 7 cycles has thus far been:

  • Cycle 1: 330x4
  • Cycle 2: 335x5
  • Cycle 3: 345x7
  • Cycle 4: 350x8
  • Cycle 5: 360x8
  • Cycle 6: 370x8
  • Cycle 7: 375x8

Big week for squats next week when I leave behind the 300's and go for my first 400lb squat set. 

Assistance work was short today as I had to leave the gym early. I just did a few sets of front squats: 135x2, 225x2, 275x1, 315x1, 225x3, 225x3, 225x3.

Video of 315 front squat:

Video of final set (pointless to watch, really) below:

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