Clean and Jerk. Week 3 Cycle 7

No hair  = more aerodynamic 
The clean and jerk begins the final week of cycle 7. The weight for my final set ended up calculating to the exact same weight (220lbs) as last month, but that's okay, just meant I had to beat the reps from last time (6). I did just that and left a few in the tank.

Assistance work is also coming back to normal levels:

  • 5 sets of 10 reps of weighted chins (+25 lbs)
  • My shoulder still hurts, and I keep agitating it doing hill sprints, so I avoided the dips and did 5 sets of 5 military presses (135lbs). These were easy. My shoulder only hurts in dip position, not on bench of ohp, which is nice. 

Goals for today:




Progress on week 3 clean and jerks over 7 cycles has thus far been:

Cycle 1: 195 x 5
Cycle 2: 200 x 6
Cycle 3: 205 x 5
Cycle 4: 210 x 4
Cycle 5: 215 x 5
Cycle 6: 220 x 6
Cycle 7: 220 x 7 (this set done more quickly than last cycle's, too)

Video of final set below:

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