Clean and Jerk. Week 2 Cycle 7

Loaded the bar like I loaded my socks. 
Today's numbers called for a final set of 210lbs. The last time I did this weight was in week 3 cycle 4, in which I did 4 reps. Now last week I did 200 x 9 and the week before that 220 x 6, so I knew I wanted to be somewhere between 7-8 reps for today.  Unfortunately for me, I am not too smart, and I loaded the bar incorrectly. I  forgot to place a 2.5lb'er on on side, putting the weight at 207.5lbs. Still I did 9 reps, which matches last week's reps at 200 lbs. Can't complain about that.

Goals for today:




Assistance work is still off, but better than last time. I'm also still avoiding weighted dips since my shoulder still hurts (where my clavicle ends).
  • Standing OHP: 5 sets at 135lbs for: 6, 6, 6, 5, 5 reps. (none of these are to failure)
  • Weighted (+25lbs) chin-ups for 4 sets at: 10, 10, 10, 7. One un-weighted set for 5 reps. 
I'll keep taking it somewhat easy on assistance work and hopefully it will continue to improve back to where it was before I got sick.

Week 2 clean and jerks for seven cycles thus far have been:

cycle 1: 185x7
cycle 2: 190x7
cycle 3: 195x6
cycle 4: 200x7
cycle 5: 205x6
cycle 6: 205x8 
cycle 7: 207.5x9

Video of final set below:

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