Clean and Jerk. Week 1 Cycle 8 | Hill Sprints # 44

My double chin is really starting to come in nicely.

Whoops forgot to post this workout before I left for vacation:

I'm starting cycle 8 early, since I'll be unable to lift for a bit due to the upcoming holidays and travel. Anyway, today was the c&j. The final weight for today was 205lbs, a weight I've seen a few times over the last eight cycles (getting 205 x 5, 205 x 6, and  205 x 8). Well, since I lifted 207.5 x 9 last cycle, I knew that I should at least get 10 today. WELL I GOT 11 OKAY!? GET OFF MY BACK. Gawl.

Goals for today:




Assistance work.

I was tired so I cut the volume for chins in half: 5 sets of 6 reps with +25lbs
Standing overhead press: 135lbs for 5 sets of 5
Abhweel: 5 sets of 6.

Progress on week-1 clean and jerks over the last 8 cycles has thus far been:

Cycle 1: 175x8
Cycle 2: 180x8
Cycle 3: 185x9
Cycle 4: 185x10
Cycle 5: 190x10
Cycle 6: 195x10
Cycle 7: 200x9
Cycle 8: 205x11 (+30lbs and +3 reps)

Another way to look at the progress is to compare my first c&j workout (175 x 8) to my last week-3 c&j workout (220x7). Damn near 50lbs added to c&j since beginning 5/3/1.

Video of final set below: