Wednesday - Clean and Jerk #2

Not feeling so great today. Have not slept much the past three nights since I've got some nasty rash on my neck and inner-ear. I think it's poison Ivy. Anyway, I've been all hopped up on benadryl so today's workout made me pretty dizzy.

Speaking of today's workout, I began week 2 of 4. This means all reps drop from 5 to 3 and the weights are bumped up.

Goals for the day:


I did:

155x3 (loaded the bar incorrectly, again)
185x7 - The cool thing about this is that according to Wendler's max-rep formula, this set was better than last week's set of 175x8. 175x8x.0333+175 = 221lbs. 185x7x.0333+185=234lbs.

Assistance work:

chin ups (Close grip) - 44 total (10, 10. 9, 9. 6) - Able to do two more than last time.
Dips (bodyweight) - 5 sets of 15 reps

Video of main lifts here: 

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