Monday - Squats

Today was my first day doing squats on 5/3/1. I had in mind when starting this program that every lift I did would be legit. This is especially true with squats: No more almost parallel. In order to get as deep as I possibly can, I've narrowed my stance and have been stretching every day. So far so good; I'm excited to see how well I can squat in a few months. By the way, this session was exhausting.

Goals for today:

I lifted:
310x6 I had more in me, but I wanted to keep a little in the tank. Plus I had to fart and there was a lady working out directly next to me.

The assistance work was pretty brutal:

I kept 155 on the bar and my goal was to do 3 sets of the following: 10 reps front squat followed immediately by 10 reps of back squat. I managed 6 reps/10 reps on the first set, but pulled off 10/10 on the second two.

Video of almost the entire workout below:

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