Wednesday - Bench # 3

Yikes, what a poor workout. I'm not sure why I was so weak, but I was. Plus, my form is still pretty bad. Anyway, I can't blame the program...yet; I'm looking forward until next time (after the upcoming deload week) so that I can begin to compare my lifts and see if there's any real progress. It shouldn't be difficult to top today's workout during the next cycle. Embarrassing stats with video below:

Edit: Doctor called and said my vitamin D levels are very low. Good to know! Internet says low vitamin D can cause insomnia and fatigue. That's not good.




200x3 (I felt strong here)
220x2 (Not sure what happened. I've lifted 225x7 in the past, so I was expected much better than this).

Assistance work:

I upped to the DBs to 60lbs. Did 4 sets of 15 then one more set of 11.
DB Rows I did 70lb dbs for 5 sets of 10.

Video here:

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