Clean and Jerk. Week 2 Cycle 6


Great workout today. I don't know if there's any science behind this, but it seems like every time I'm a little bit tired going into my workout, I usually end up being pretty strong. Anyway, today's numbers called for 205lbs on the clean and jerk. Now that I've got a bunch of cycles under my belt, I'm starting to see the same weights appear from previous cycles. I first saw 205lbs way back in week 3 cycle 3, then again in week 2 cycle 5. In cycle 3 I managed five reps and in cycle 5 I got six reps. That meant that today I wanted seven reps to continue the progress. Despite feeling a little out of it, I got 8 reps and even left some in the tank. I can tell I'm getting better at these by looking at the first few reps on today's video: I don't even need to fully extend my back leg to knock out most of the reps.

Assistance work also improved a ton. Last week, even though I completed all 50 reps of chinups with +25lbs for the first time, it was a huge struggle. Today it was actually easy and I did all 5 sets of 10 without pausing any of the reps. I even added one more rep to show off, thus : 5 sets for 51 reps of chinupps with +25lbs. Dips also improved as this time I did all 5 sets (instead of only 4 sets last week) with +70lbs for 5 sets of 10. These were also drama free. To put some of this into perspective, in 5 sets, I could only do 42 unweighted chinups when I started 6 months ago. 

Week 2 clean and jerks for six cycles thus far have been:

cycle 1: 185x7
cycle 2: 190x7
cycle 3: 195x6
cycle 4: 200x7
cycle 5: 205x6
cycle 6: 205x8 (+20lbs and +1 rep)

Goals for today:




Video of final set below:


  1. Fantastic set! Also, that's good background music! Keep up the hard work!

  2. Thanks, man! Glad you like the music =]