Bench. Week 1 Cycle 7 | Hill Sprints #39


My bench hasn't been making great progress lately, and this week called for the exact same weight as last month's week 1: 220lbs. Last month I did 11 reps. Today I got 11 reps. Sad face. Comparing both videos, today's performance was actually better: no assistance with lift off and I managed 1/2 a rep more. Still, I'd like to be making some more concrete progress, so I'm going to only hit the prescribed reps (not going for the +) for the next few weeks. I'll be cutting back on the assistance work as well, I'm feeling really exhausted at the end of these workouts, which I'm sure is hurting my ability to recover.

Assistance work:

  • 140lbs barbell bench press for 5 sets of 15 reps. 
  • 110lbs dumbbell db rows for 3 sets of 10. grip was failing pretty badly so dropped to 100lbs for last two sets of 10 reps. 

Week 1 bench progress over last 7 cycles:

Cycle 1: 200x8
Cycle 2: 205x9
Cycle 3: 205x9
Cycle 4: 210x12
Cycle 5: 215x12
Cycle 6: 220x11
Cycle 7: 220x11

I've pretty much been stuck since Cycle 5, Week 1. 

Goals today:




Video of final set below:

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