Clean and Jerk. Week 1 Cycle 7

At least the power clean was nice.
So today begins cycle number seven. Woo. I feel good enough that I can't blame being sick on today's shitty performance. Last cycle I got 195lbs for 10, so today at 200lbs for my final set I wanted 10 again. I got 9 and 3/4. Blah. I just had no energy left after that ninth rep and my core/legs were shaky as hell.   Hopefully things will improve as the cycle progresses. I'm gonna take two days off after today and hit up deadlifts next time!

Assistance work today was low-key. My shoulder still hurts from last time I did dips (I didn't warm up properly and pulled something), so I stuck with weighted chins and some strict overhead pressing: 5 sets of 5 at 135lbs.

Also, no official deload week this time due to all the time off from sickness.

Week 1 progress over 7 cycles has thus far been:

Cycle 1: 175x8
Cycle 2: 180x8
Cycle 3: 185x9
Cycle 4: 185x10
Cycle 5: 190x10
Cycle 6: 195x10
Cycle 7: 200x9

Goals for today:




Video of final set below:


  1. Hope your shoulder gets better! I've stalled on my overhead press and am recalculating for the next 3 x 3 workout for overhead.

    One step backwards, three steps forward!!!

  2. Awesome blog, I read through it from start to finish just now.

    Im doing Starting Strength now but I plan on ending it at the end of December and start 5/3/1 in January. I need to add some condition work as I've not done any since the end of May and 5/3/1 looks like the perfect program to do both strength training and condition work.

    I might even start a blog like this, really awesome work here!

  3. Chris, overhead press is always the hardest lift to improve on. I know that feeling!


    Thanks for reading! I think you'll enjoy 5/3/1