Wednesday - Squats. Week 1 Cycle 5

New converse to the rescue. 
I woke up this morning with a sore right butt cheek. I have no idea why, don't ask. But I just bought a new pair of converse all stars so I knew I still had hope of getting a good set of squats in. Today's numbers called for a final set of 340lbs and since a few squat workouts ago I did 350x8, I knew I had to get at least 9 reps today. High rep squats strike fear into my soul; I was not looking forward to this.

By the 9th rep I nearly dropped the bar. I knew 10 reps would be pretty awesome, so I went for it. The video looks drama free, but it totally belies the turmoil my body/mind was going through (waaa..)

Assistance work: 6 sets of front squats at 225. (singles and triples).  My back was toast so I didn't overdo it.

Week 1 squat progression for the first 5 cycles:
310x6 - cycle 1 | 315x7- cycle 2 | 325x10 - cycle 3 | 335x8 - cycle 4 | 340x10 - cycle 5

Goals for today:




Video of final set below:

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  1. Beastly effort on the squats, Gabe! Yeah, the 9th rep looked a little rough, but the 10th one looked like, "Psh, ain't no thing, I got this". Nice recovery! :)