Tuesday - Squats. Week 2 Cycle 4

A lot more comfortable than usual, actually. 

I got a late start today and ended up having a big breakfast followed by a second big breakfast. I don't like to eat a lot before a workout, especially squats since I end up holding back vomit for every rep, which is super fun. I'm a little sick today, but felt good during the lifts. Squats continue to improve slowly but steadily, with respect to both form and weight/reps. In fact, today's form was much better, thanks to the new stretches I've been doing; I was able to get lower and I kept a tight arch in my lower back. I knew I needed at least 7 today (seeings as I did 365 for 6 last week and I'd be using 350lbs today) and that 8 reps would be ideal since that would beat my week 2 total from last cycle in both reps and weight.

Week 2 improvements thus far: 330x4 (5.13.11) --->335x5--->345x7--->350x8.

Goals for today:




Assistance work:  5 sets of front squats, 5 sets of back squats, and the ab wheel. 

Video of final set below:

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