Friday - Deadlifts. Week 1 Cycle 5

I really wanted to try and do something exciting today, and had in mind that I would go for 20 reps at 385. The last time I lifted 385 was in early June and I pulled it for 11 reps. Unfortunately, my grip gave out in my left hand and I had to stop today's set at 15. I think I could have gotten the 20 had that not happened, though. Anyway, I'm still happy with the 15 reps, as that's a 37% increase over June's session with 385. This is also continued improvement over last cycle's week one (380x15).

Week 1 lifts for the first five cycles thus far have been:

  • 355x13-->365x12-->370x14-->380x15-->385x15

I admit, I'm tired of pulling weight that is this easy. But since I'm making progress, I'm scared to tamper with any of the programming. I know that if I remain patient, I might be pulling 450x10 in just two months, so that's keeping me motivated. I might do a competition in November, so that would give me the opportunity to see where my true 1RM's are at. We'll see...

Goals for today:




Assistance work went really well. I usually can't do all five sets of pullups with the extra 45lbs attached. But today I managed to do 5 sets of 5 wide grip pullups with +45. I did the ab wheel as well.

Video of final set below:

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