Friday - Clean and Jerk. Week 3 Cycle 4 | Hill Sprints #23

Nothing outstanding today, but I've never attempted to do reps before with today's weight (210lbs), so I didn't know what to expect (I wasn't too confident that I'd even clean it into position, to be honest). Adding 5 lbs to the bar usually equates to 1 less rep that I'm able to do, but I think as I get closer to my actual 1 rep max that 5lbs is going to be doing more damage than that. Anyway, I really wanted 5 reps, and I was inches from getting it, but will have to settle for 4 today. Those four reps felt strong though, so I can't complain about that. Plus I felt really strong during my assistance work and even threw in one more exercise.
Today ends my fourth cycle of clean and jerks. Lifts this cycle were:

  • 185x10 (week 1) --> 200x7 (week 2) --> 210x4 (week 3).  

For comparison cycle 3 clean and jerks were:

  • 185x9 (week 1) -->195x6 (weeks 2) -->205x5 (week 3). 

And all the way back to cycle 1, clean and jerks were:

  • 175x8 (week 1) -->185x7 (week 2) -->195x5 (week 3). 
I think my 185x10 and 200x7 are my best so far. Overall though, there's been some good improvement.
Goals for today:




Assistance work: I did 5 circuits of 5 reps clean and jerk, 10 chinups and 10 weighted dips. 

Video of final set below:

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