Squats. Week 2 Cycle 9

Today begins the second week of cycle 9. In week one of this cycle I did 405x8 for squats. I know that, for myself, for every extra ten lbs added to the bar I can safely subtract 1 rep from what I can do. So 425 being 20lbs more than 405, I knew I should hit six reps today. That's exactly what happened. Also, now that I'm using heavier weights, I need to change up my approach to the final set a bit. If I took longer breaks between the initial reps, I think I could get another rep or two out of my sets. I'll try doing this next time.

Goals for today:




Assistance work:

8 sets of front squats @ 225lbs for 3 reps
A double @ 315 and two failed attempts at 335.(whoops, I really don't like to go to failure).

Week 2 progress over the last 9 cycles:

  • Cycle 1: 330x4
  • Cycle 2: 335x5
  • Cycle 3: 345x7
  • Cycle 4: 350x8
  • Cycle 5: 360x8
  • Cycle 6: 370x8
  • Cycle 7: 375x8
  • Cycle8: N/A (smolov)
  • Cycle9: 425x6 


Video of final set below:

My first 315 double for front squat:

335lb front squat fail (tried twice, just didn't have the upper back strength. I think the double wore me out too much)

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