Squats. Week 1 Cycle 9 (?)

Okay, back on 5/3/1 today. I'm a moron (for many reasons) but today especially for starting back on 5/3/1 by doing squats, seeing as I've had one day off from Smolov wherein I squatted on 17 separate sessions in the last month. Anyway, I've recalculated my numbers based on my new max, and today's week 1 called for a final set of 405 for 5+. My plan was just to go in and do the 5 reps but I'm pretty bad at moderation. Anyway, the last time I used a weight near 405 for squats was 400lbs in week 3 of Cycle 7 for which I did 7 reps. Today I got 8 much faster and cleaner reps. I would've liked to have done 10, but my body wasn't having that (and rightfully so). Anyway, it's good to be back, sorry for no cool pictures of me looking really awesome while lifting, but my computer with photoshop crashed.

By the way, Goal 1 of 4 has been officially completed for the year (450+lb squat). 

Life update: Not that you're here to read some emo myspace/xanga posts, but here is what my life is outside of going to the gym: 1. Wait to hear back from graduate schools. I am trying to get a Master's in Latin pedagogy. 2. Go to the library and read Latin, Spanish (I suck at Spanish), Italian (still learning grammar), and then read some history and and maybe something else for pleasure. That's it! I try to eat a lot, too. It's a good life, but a pretty selfish one.

Goals for today:




Assistance work:
  • Front squats @ 135x3, 185x1, 225x1, 275x1, 315x1, 315x1, 275x1, 275x1, 275x1, 275x1, 225x3, 135x3
  • Body weight pull-ups for 4 sets of 5.
Week 1 progress over the last 9 cycles

  • 310x6 - cycle 1 
  • 315x7- cycle 2 
  • 325x10 - cycle 3 
  • 335x8 - cycle 4
  • 340x10 - cycle 5 
  • 350x10 - cycle 6
  • 355x10 - cycle 7
  • 365x10 - cycle 8
  • 405x8 - cycle 9

Video of final set below:

I need to change my clothes.

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  1. lol nice jump from cycle 8 to 9.

    Grats on reaching your goal, it always brings this warm fuzzy feeling.