Over Head Press. Week 3 Cycle 1.

Today's excellent workout  marks the end of cycle 9 (and cycle 1 for OHP). I'm looking forward to the perfectly timed deload week as I'm headed to New Orleans until next Sunday. Anyway, today's final set called for a weight of 180lbs. In week one I did 160x7, week 2 170x5 and so today, in week 3, I was expected to get 180x3 (as I've mentioned before, for every 5lbs added to the bar I can safely subtract 1 rep for pressing movements). Anyway, I surprised myself with four reps. After that final set I did four sets of singles, keeping the weight the same at 180lbs. My shoulder endurance is weak, but the power is still there after only resting a minute. So I guess I'm just making sure I'm getting enough work in at that final working weight.

For assistance work I did 7 sets of 135x5 OHP. All the reps were paused (video below). I supersetted these with weighted chins (3 reps @+90lbs).

Goals for today:




Video of final set and assistance set below:

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