Overhead Press. Week 1 Cycle 3 | Deadlifts Week 1 Cycle 11

Meeting Wendler at the Arnold's. He's so dreamy. And, Jesus, I'm bald.

This past weekend was the Arnold's in Ohio. I went to visit friends from the internets and to see Matt (shortkid) compete in the RAW USAPL meet which took place the morning of the expo. While wandering a round I saw Jim Wendler standing there looking a bit lost. He was super friendly and I wish I had spoken to him more, but I'm socially retarded.

Anyway, today was OHP day and despite only having been doing the OHP for 2 cycles, I decided to deload so that I can work on making each rep paused at the bottom and removing all leg drive. Today's final weight called for 160lbs which I did for 7 reps (bounced) last time. Today I was hoping to try and get 7 again, which I figured would be really hard without the bounce. Shaking Wendler's hand pretty much impregnated me and now my testosterone must be through the roof. I surprised myself today.

For assistace work I did the 160lbs OHP for 5 sets of 5 reps and supersetted them with weighted chins at +90lbs. I ended with some curls and shrugs as well. 

Week 1 progress on the OHP thus far:

Cycle 1: 160x7 (bounced)
Cycle 2: 165x7 (bounced)
Cycle 3: 160x10 (paused at bottom)

Goals for today:




I  also did deadlifts while out of town, but because the gym had octagon plates only, I just hit prescribed reps and some submax singles with deficit work thrown in.

405x3x5 deficit, double overhand.

Video of workout below:


  1. Gabe,

    Could you please tell us about how you structure your assistance work for upper body vs lower body? Personally, on 5/3/1, I find I can work more intensely on the upper body assistance and not get taxed out for the next session whereas on lower body I have to be very limited and careful with my assistance work. The reason being is that lower back fatigue carries over -> to squats and deadlifts and vice versa. It sucks because I want to work hard on the assistance (and I can) but later on the week when I want to deadlift I feel the lower back fatigue from the previous day's squats to be a limiting factor and I can't hit as many reps on deads (because my lower back gives out first). I know for a fact it's not a form problem either.

    Thanks mate.

    Anonymous, - From Canada (with love)

    1. Hello Anon from Canada,

      I agree with you completely about higher intensity on upper body vs lower intensity for lower body being more effective. If you notice, on squats or deadlfits, I'll hit the main sets, then for assistance only do sets of 1-3 reps, whereas for upperbody I will go much higher. As for how many sets I do, I just go until I feel like I'm done (sorry, that's not very scientific).

      Hope that helps, feel free to ask for more clarification.


  2. Awesome that you got to meet the grandfather of 531.

    Damn he's huge.