Squats. Week 2 Cycle 11.

That double chin progress.
Seeing as I deloaded and hit 385x10 for squats in week 1 of this cycle, I knew that 405 should yield 8 reps (again, for every +10lbs on the bar it usually means -1 rep). That's exactly what happened. I've hit 405x8 and 410x8 (questionable depth) in previous cycles, but that was coming off of the Smolov squat cycle which is a peaking program (meaning the strength doesn't last but for that final week of the program, essentially). So I suppose I should be pretty content with the 8 reps. I may have been able to do 9 reps on the final set if I hadn't forgot that today was 3 day and not 5 day during my warm ups and final working sets. Oh well!

After the working sets I did some paused squats -- these are much improved over last time since I'm getting a bit braver and holding 405 at the bottom for longer. I tried 425, did a slight pause, and came up pretty slowly so I dropped it down to 405 again for the final sets. I ended with a front squat pyramid: 225x3, 275x3, 295x1, 225x5x3. The end.


Week 2 Progress over last 11 cycles:

  • Cycle 1: 330x4
  • Cycle 2: 335x5
  • Cycle 3: 345x7
  • Cycle 4: 350x8
  • Cycle 5: 360x8
  • Cycle 6: 370x8
  • Cycle 7: 375x8
  • Cycle8: N/A (smolov)
  • Cycle9: 425x6 
  • Cycle 10: 430x3 (time to deload)
  • Cycle 11: 405x8 (exactly where I should be had I not changed my numbers after Smolov)

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    Goals for today:




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